The Essential Guide to Antim: The Final Truth Story

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Antim The Truth is a Bollywood drama film directed and written by Mahesh
Manjrekar. The film stars Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma as the main
protagonists. It is an adaptation of the popular 2018 Marathi film Mulshi Pattern that
starred Om Bhutkar and Mohan Joshi.
Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma, both with different ideologies: one is a police
officer, the other is a gangster, leading to extremely violent clashes and conflicts
between the two. Antim: The Final Truth is the story of a gangster aspiring to take on
any challenge against a smart policeman who plots to stop his schemes.
Story In Detail
Rahul (Aayush Sharma) is entangled in the criminal underworld and the underground
trying to improve his family's lives after the farm was taken by a smart owner. The
actor is acutely aware of the hardships of his father (Sachin Khedekar) who was a
wrestler and farmer, and numerous other farmers who were not allowed to have their
land which is theirs and the desire for revenge will make him an intolerant Gangster.
He only displays that he is vulnerable to his lover Manda (Mahima Makwana) a fierce
tea seller. However, he is aware of his greatest challenge as Rajvir Singh (Salman
Khan) an intelligent and tough policeman fighting his own battle against his system.
What happens when Rajvir and Rahul's beliefs are opposing each other within the dark
web of criminals is at the central theme of Antim The Final truth.


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