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After Freinds Reunion released on May 27, it is the biggest show in the world right now. Fourteen years since the last Friends’ episode aired in 2004, the original six members come together in Friends: The Reunion special episode, titled ‘The One Where They Get Back Together’. The ‘Friends’ reunion episode on Thursday brought back a lot of memories of the popular TV show that ruled TV for 10 years. That’s very long!

Not only the original cast of Friends but there were many special guest celebrities as well sharing their experiences of watching this iconic American sitcom-like Davis Beckham, Mindy Kaling, BTS,  Malala Yousafzai & many others. There were others as well like Justin Bieber & Cara Delevingne who surprised the cast with their fashion show performances. We even smiled when we saw Janice & Gunther as the guests in the show. But clearly, many were missed in the special episode especially Paul Rudd & Cole Sprouse, our very own ‘Ben’. Paul Rudd played Mike Hannigan in the sitcom who came in the 9th season as Phoebe’s love interest and eventually married her. Cole Sprouse played Ross’s son, Ben Gellar,  on the show.

The reason behind their absence is shared by Ben Winston, who directed the special Friends’ episode. He explained that the reason they could not have more cameos in the special is that the episode is 1 hour 45 minutes long & besides all other guests, the core or heart of the show is the six members. There could be a risk of getting diverted from the main reason behind this show if they put too many cameos. Another reason is that due to the pandemic, there are several travel restrictions which led to change in plans for many cameos. Many were invited yet, they weren’t able to make it. Definitely, it is a complicated time to make a television show now some people couldn’t fly internationally.

Well whatever it is, all the waiting for the Friends Reunion episode was totally worth it. Friends: The Reunion is available for streaming on HBO Max in the US & Zee5 in India.


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