Piggy Go Free Dice 2021

Piggy Go is a online game where you roll a dice, and travel around the world with players around the globe. This game is published by Forever9 Games and is available on both Android & iOS platform. Here in this article, the CrazyAshwin team provide some cool ways to earn Piggy Go Free Dice and other rewards.


https://www.crazyashwin.com/category/free-rewards/piggy-go/ (link) is your place where you will get free coins & spins links daily. You need to visit this link & search for Piggy Go Free Dice. Not only the Piggy Go game but many online trending games’ free rewards are available here with daily updated links.


Since this is a game about dices, roll the dice while playing Piggy Go. As you do so the piggy moves along the board as the dice is thrown. The higher the number you have on your dice, the more you will last on the board. So this is all about luck, pretty similar to Ludo, won’t you say?

Piggy Go Daily Free Gifts

A fun way to earn Piggy Go free dice is to visit the Facebook Piggy Go page and collect the daily codes that they provide on their page. The rewards are generally made available at 11:59pm every night and they provide you with valid links following which can earn you with free rewards.

Piggy Go Teleport To Other Cities

Another fun stuff you can do is teleport to other cities. By doing so, you can jump from one city to another and invade all the rewards of those (other’s) locations. There are tons of rewards waiting in different locations waiting just for you to claim so Don’t miss it!
In order to build your empire strong you need to invest behind it right! So to do this you should click on the second option from the right bottom of the screen named ‘Build’ that enables you to make necessary changes in your empire . You can invest in reconstruction of your own location and improve the defense of your city.


This point is related to the previous one. In order to collect Piggy Go free dice & coins you need to travel the world. So best way to do that is fix your Airship first. It should be your first priority. Airship takes you to different cities where you can explore & collect tons of coins & other rewards. Because until you visit, no one knows what mighty surprise might wait for you.





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