Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero
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Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero (doragonboru Chao(Supra) supahiro, Doragon Boru Supa Supa Hiro  is a Japanese 2022 Japanese computer-animated martial arts fantasy Adventure film Tetsuro Kdama directed the film. It was produced by Toei Animation Written by Dragon Ball Creator of series Akira Toriyama . It is the twenty first Dragon Ball feature movie Overall, the fourth production was made with Toriyama’s direct participation, and the second to bear the Dragon Ball Super Branding, the first film to use 3D animation primarily. The film is followed Piccolo His former student Gohan As they embark on a mission of saving the world from the newly reformated Red Ribbon Army .

It was originally scheduled for release in Japan on April 22, 2022. However, it was released instead on June 11, due to a cyberattack on Toei Animation.

Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero

Beerus_’ planet, GokuVegeta continue to train under Whis. Now, Broly joins them in helping him control his fury. The revived Red Ribbon Army is led by Commander Magenta, Staff Officer Carmine and enlist Dr. Hedo to take revenge on Piccolo as well as Gohan. The Army creates two androids, Gamma 1 & Gamma 2 to serve as heroes in the public eye. Piccolo is defeated by Gamma 2. Piccolo follows Gamma 2 to the Red Ribbon Army’s headquarters and discovers that Magenta is working on Cell Max, an improved version of Dr. Gero’s ultimate weapon, Cell.

Magenta plans to kidnap Pan to trap Gohan. Piccolo disguised, learns of the plan and volunteers to join the kidnapping party. Pan agrees to take part in order to get her father’s attention. Gohan learns that his daughter has been “kidnapped” and leaves his studies to launch a massive assault on the base with Piccolo. Piccolo has used the Dragon Balls in order to obtain a new form, dubbed “Orange Piccolo”. Gohan defeats Gamma 1 using his “Ultimate” form. Piccolo fights Gamma 2 with his “Orange Piccolo”. Piccolo defeats Gamma 2, stopping the fight between Gohan & Gamma 1. The Gammas see Carmine trying kill Pan and have a change in heart. They help Piccolo and Gohan save her.

Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero

Magenta activates Cell Max prematurely in a fit of anger, and he is released as a rampaging, giant monster. Magenta is killed by Hedo to stop the madness, but it’s too late. Piccolo, Gohan and the Gammas are joined by Goten and Trunks , Google 18 and Krillin to battle Cell Max. Goten and Trunks merge into Gotenks, and are able to crack Cell Max’s skull, even though they botched the Fusion Dance. This reveals that he doesn’t have a healing factor as the original Cell. Gamma 2 makes a sacrifice to injure Cell Max and destroys his left forearm. Piccolo defeats Cell Max using a combination of his “Orange Piccolo”, and “Great Namekian”, forms. Gohan’s inner rage finally explodes, unlocking a new evolution of his “Ultimate”, the “Gohan Beast”. Piccolo holds Cell Max still, and Gohan destroys the nucleus of his brain with a supercharged Special Beam Cannon. Gamma 1 & Dr. Hedo leave their evil ways behind and join the Capsule Corporation after the battle is over.

After both fighters have exhausted their strength during their sparring match, Vegeta scores a soft hit that “defeats Goku” in a post-credits scene. As Cheelai is annoyed, Vegeta brags about his win while Broly and Lemo stare on in awe.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release August 19th 2022

Original Language:  Japanese

Production Companies:Shueisha, Fuji Television Network, Toei Animation, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Bird Studios

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