5 exercises that should be in your full body exercise program

These are 5 exercises that must be added in your full body exercise program now


Set up a full body exercise program for yourself

Doing any sort of regular exercise can prove to be a problem, especially if you are  wanting to get the best outcomes right from the start of your program. If you are looking for easier and more effective exercises for lower body in this blog are some of our suggestions.


This will prevent you from wasting your time on ineffective exercises and encourage you to burn more fat in lesser time in the gym, because if you once get exhausted by working out then you will not return to it due to time taking nature of fitness training.


What exercises should I include in workout schedule?

We should try these 5 best exercises for upper body that everyone should have added in their program, whatever their fitness objectives may be. The practicality of these exercises extend to  almost everyone, regardless of your workout goals be it cutting fat, or just staying in good shape.


Exercise #1 Squats

 The number one must-learn exercise would be squats. It is due to the fact that each muscle group in the lower body is involved while doing the exercise, you can increase the intensity by squatting at a slower pace.

When doing a squat, try to go all the way down to burn belly fat and improve core strength, it is one of the effective exercises for lower body.




Exercise #2 Bridges

The most interesting lower body workout to do is the bridges. Many people have issues with their gluteus muscles because hamstrings require most amount of strength during workouts.  This exercise targets gluteus muscles of the lower body. Bridge-types are the most effective exercises for lower body.



Exercise#3 Deadlifts

The next on the list of must-learn exercises for your full body exercise program is deadlift. Deadlifts are very different from squats. You should be able to adjust pace as per your own discretion. Try to keep your back flat and avoid putting pressure on your toes.

Squats target and develop the quads while the deadlifts target hamstring growth. Keep this in your mind as you progress through the full body exercise program.


Exercise #4 Push-Ups

The next big exercise for the upper body will be push ups that should be included in your full body exercise program at any cost. This upper body exercise works best for the chest, the shoulders, and back muscles.

Make sure you keep your core as tight as possible, with which you can get best results. It is rated one of the best exercises for upper body by many experts and gym enthusiasts.


There are several variations to this exercise like close grip, wide grip, triangle grip push up etc.



Exercise #5 Lunges

A good lower body move would be lunges. With numerous varieties you can perform lunges. If possible try doing lunges with some weights. It really builds the hamstring and quad muscles




Set up a full body exercise program within which you must include all the above mentioned exercises.

I know that every workout is tough in its own way, but at the end you have to go through some pain to get the look you always wanted. Always push through an extra repetition if possible in, your muscles will be your biggest fan. 






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