Snyder’s Cut Justice League Joker Look Revealed- DARK and TERRIFIC

After much awaited Justice League released on 2017 fans expectations were crushed by what was seen on theatres. A fine storytelling & presentation of the comic was ruined as Zack Snyder was thrown out of WB production (as said on multiple platforms). Snyder’s Cut Justice League Joker look revealed .  As a result an incomplete movie was later finished by Joss Whedon, who directed Marvel Studios Avengers. Thinking that JL directed by Zack Snyder & Joss Whedon would be a tremendous treat, audience were disheartened after watching what some referred to as a Parody film- ‘Joss-tice League’. With weird CGI on Superman’s face to Batman’s weird unnecessary hard tried jokes, it was a utter failure.

Protests began addressing Warner Bros. to release the Snyder’s Cut in Twitter. Snyder’s Cut, the original vision & direction of Zack Snyder that we deserved. This happened after Zack Snyder along with multiple JL cast members confirmed on Vero & Twitter that Snyder’s Cut exists.

Finally what was thought to be a dead expectation saw light as new reshoot scenes were released on Instagram. Then teaser came out on Youtube & date of release was announced. Snyder’s cut saw its release on 18 March,2021 that stars the original cast.

Joker Look Revealed!

After Jared Leto’s Joker portrayal in Suicide Squad (2016) was heavily criticised by audience, it was a doomed situation for DCEU’s Joker. Although Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker was a maestro in Hollywood but its not a part of DCEU.

Recently Jared Leto’s new look as Joker was officially released on internet that confirmed his existence in Snyder’s Cut Justice League. Seeing his First Look I must say that Zack Snyder is working in real details to bring his vision alive. The images are in black & white, similar to all other scene revealing that he has been doing. And it looks very dark & psychotic. Jared Leto is a tremendous actor but his potential was wasted in Suicide Squad; a stupid drug addict, tattooist looking Joker. But I hope Snyder’s Cut will do justice to him for future movies.

Fans are very excited with his new dark sincere look. No forehead tattoos, no costumes or green hair or anything, atleast not in the revealed photos. Joker is seen in more of a asylum dress that says that he, a psychotic crime lord is held captive by Batman in Arkhum Asylum.

Other Updates

This movie is assume to be a 4 hour long movie. In a Vanity Fair interview, Zack Snyder told that he had planned entire sequence of his film for a very long time. Some of those we’ve already seen in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Like in BvS we’ve seen Robin’s costume spray painted with the words “Ha ha, joke’s on you, Batman”. He also confirmed that in his new version he’ll see the Wayne mansion burning & how Bruce’s life was devastated by Joker.

What To Expect

After so many reports as an audience we can again raise our expectations high & also prepare for any type of dissatisfaction at the same time. But I believe if anyone can set things right for the current mess in DCEU, its Snyder. We might get to see apart from all expected action scenes, a conversation among the rivals of life- Batman  & Joker. Maybe little fights. But we can only expect that it would be a surprise filled ride. Snyder’s Cut Justice League Joker look revealed.




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