TENET: A Ming Boggling Movie

Tenet Detail

Movie Name: Tenet
Cast: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki
Director: Christopher Nolan
Release Date: 4 December, 2020 (India)
IMDB:  7.6/10
Box Office Collection: 36.14 crores(USD)

Tenet PLOT:

A secret agent, The Protagonist is given a single word Tenet as his weapon that reverses the entropy of objects. He soon get to know that there is an army who are are acting as similar weapons to cause what has been referred to World War III. He’s sent to prevent the onset of the war. He & his partner Neil have to travel through time and have to bend the laws of nature by reversing time in order to be successful in his mission.


Just like Nolan’s others, movie Tenet is authentic, fresh and one of it’s kind. Following Christopher Nolan movie pattern, it starts with a sudden silent event(similar to The Dark Knight Rises) that turns into action with a warm tensing music building in the background hence, preparing the audience for the journey.

While like most of his movies Tenet can be bit confusing for the mass ( unless an intellectual audience). It explains everything that you need to understand the logic behind the actions. Obviously this movie needs full attention while watching. You cannot just watch it besides doing something or distracting yourself frequently.

As you might have heard that Tenet movie is about Time Reversal; it’s not quite that. It is what explained in the movie is about inverted entropy of an object. Now this doesn’t mean you have to be good at Physics to understand what is entropy.




Actor John David Washington, shined in the character of a CIA agent referred as the Protagonist, who’s on a mission of saving the world from what they described as World War 3. His masculinity was used perfectly with sheer determination of a man on mission. Following him, Robert Pattinson played a strong supporting role as Neil. It was a refreshment to see him in action before we can watch him as the new Batman.

These two characters were brilliantly supported by Dimple Kapadia, who made her debut in Hollywood through Christopher Nolan’s. She did justice to her character elegantly. Her accent was something that Indian audience can look up to; it was aesthetic. There were other worth mentioning actors like Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Himesh Patel; having profound jobs in the final mission.

Now, talking about cinematography it is worth applauding. Firstly the colors feel very engaging with the scenes although in some parts it looks a bit unnatural like green tint in sky and smokes.

John David Washington in Tenet

But still if we consider it as an experiment and the fact that Hollywood always tries to bring new presentation in their stories, I found it worth appreciating. The work of camera is similar to Nolan’s others, very engaging and extremely detailed combined with a tensed background score. Starting the movie, you will notice that the background music is what making the scenes extremely engaging along with the yellow color palette (if you are into cinematography, you will find it extremely impressive).

Similar to his other movies the music doesn’t have much highs and lows; it lies in the same range throughout making each scenes worth remembering. Composer Ludwig G√∂ransson has done outstanding work with the music to emphasize on the time warp effect of the film.

Last but not the least, the inverted entropy, the idea of a world with reversed time has been created with extreme details keeping in mind the science behind every change.

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