By | March 17, 2020

Top 5 beginner tips for fitness that anybody can follow

Starting your fitness journey from your bed all the way to a gym might look like the most difficult part of your journey.

However to make progress in accomplishing beginner’s goals for workout, it is essential to start on the right way. Many beginners at workouts start off their journey with the wrong mindset either by setting their objectives way too far or continuing their same bad eating habits in their routine.


You will be fighting with your own self and having lots of hurdles in the way! Anyhow if you manage to start your journey on a positive note, then you will certainly achieve success quickly and not feel like a loser.


Create a healthy lifestyle and implement by following these 5 beginner tips for fitness in your life


  1. Keep track of weights


Beginners normally learn by seeing the proper form and way of doing workouts. It means that if you imitate someone doing exercise in the wrong way then you will end up doing it wrong.

You also must not lift up too heavy equipment in your learning days or else you will end up having muscle cramps or severe body aches.


What you should really do is start slowly by grabbing 5 kg in the beginning few weeks then once you get used to it. Move up to 10 kg for another few weeks and so on until you get comfortable lifting them.



  1. Make fitness part of your routine

Setting off to the gym on a regular basis is absolutely a decent way to start your day. Keep in mind that unless and until you make fitness a habit you will not see changes in your body.

It might seem like an extreme and hectic task in the start of a morning, when you’ve got a whole day ahead of you, however doing gym atleast 3 times a week is the determinant of your fitness success.

Try not to be inconsistent when doing gym as many people do. Rather take necessary breaks to form this habit. Have a consistent attitude in your mind and see for yourself if you move faster to your beginners goals for workout or not. It is the most quintessential step to beginner tips for fitness



  1. Master the basics first

A simple beginner’s tip for fitness may be to not get caught up when looking at the pictures of body builders with their six pack abs, curled biceps and ripped body, it is a result of years of fitness training. If you have never done a single push up then don’t make the jump to join an athletic gym. Instead start with the basics like pushups, pull-ups, sit ups, burpees etc, make notes of your rights and wrongs. Once you have mastered the basics then only go ahead to join a gym.



  1. Know the right form for doing it

Go and browse on net proper techniques and form to do a particular exercise rather than doing 20 pushups in an improper form do 5 pushups with correct form it will impact much more when done the right way.  Ask your gym trainer to demonstrate each exercise before you do it yourself.





  1. Your Mistakes are your teacher

Every one learns by their mistakes as they progress day by day. So, you simply are also a beginner at workouts, by doing it again and again you will note down the mistakes occurred and not repeat it again. Eventually you will become an expert in the field of fitness as well.



Consider your body and how it is responding to weight lifting, dieting, and all. If you are able understand the needs of your body and train it effectively then you win. So, implement these beginner tips for fitness in your life, to see results in the future.



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