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Review of the invisible man movie(2020): A horror based on domestic abuse that will keep you thrilled throughout


Movie name: The invisible man movie

Cast: Elizabeth moss, Oliver Jackson

Director: Leigh Whannell

Release date: 28/02/2020

Box office collection: 100 million (worldwide)


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The invisible man movie story:

After committing suicide an insane scientist misuses his abilities of vanishing to stalk and destroy his ex-girlfriend’s life. Her voice is left unheard, expelled as insane and compelled to show her mental soundness, in any event, after seeing the clear proof proving their fact about her abuse. The new movie of Leigh Whannell- the Invisible Man shows how the main protagonist is taught lesson in vicious ways.


Review of The Invisible Man movie:

The protagonist will send chills down your spine in this movie highlighting domestic violence. Tortured, mistreated and assaulted by her businessman spouse Adrian (Oliver Jackson Cohen), Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) ends the suffering by speaking up. Declining to be oppressed by her spouse, she runs away from her house during the night time. During the scene our heart beats fast as she tries to run away from the house. She gets asylum with her sister (Harriet Dyer), their beloved companion (Aldis Hodge), and high school girl (Storm Reid). She is suffering from trauma with intense uneasiness that won’t leave. After two weeks, she gets the news about Adrian killing himself, leaving behind a big piece of his fortune; she despite everything won’t trust her bad dream is finished. Given this she is shown to be insane as opposed to being well, she urgently tries to make it evident that she is being pursued by someone nobody is able to see. Obviously, nobody trusts the protagonist.

The invisible man is definitely a mental thriller that attempts to highlight a women who is encountered with mystifying incidents happening around her. Filmmakers have tried to test the audience’s ability to comprehend what is genuine and what a dream is. In the event that The Invisible Man compels the audience to think about if Cecilia’s trauma has made her sink into insanity. Be that as it may, Whannell utilizes the setting as a microcosm for a general public which not just neglects to tune in to ladies’ encounters of injury endured on account of oppressive men, yet downgrades their declaration. The Invisible Man subsequently denounces those concealed powers in our society that have permitted the abusing and assaulting of women.


Whannell’s reintroduction of the renowned HG Wells comic has noticed the shift of perspective from the Invisible Man to his unfortunate casualty. The invisible man movie has explored the predictable nature of a person with the ability to be invisible — and shows how such person can be a hero in broad daylight and absolute cowards in the night time. Whannell potrays the assault against women through the viewpoint of a horror movie, he uncovers the Invisible Man to be deceiving way before he gets his invisibility power. The invisible man completely ruins her life from disrupting her job interview to terrifying her emotionally.



The director has shot the invisible man movie in such a way that the camera becomes invisible onlooker crawling all over the house, checking all areas to locate the main threat. Just as Cecilia, we feel his presence near us with the sound of his breath, flying items, and the footprints on the floor. Benjamin Wallfisch’s heart pounding music and background scores add to the tension of the situation. She speaks with her dark blue eyes about the haunting of her past, the constant fear of being attacked, the misery of not being heard, and the bravery of her to fight back.


‘The Invisible Man movie’ is certainly one of the finest productions of the Blumhouse assembly line till now. Even though the movie takes the predictable route, it manages to add some thrills and mystery in every scene. It goes very well with the storyline because of its timing, creepy vibes, and the most important aspect- authenticity of the truth.


As per our review of the Invisible man movie our rating would be 4 out of 5 stars.

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