His House Review- A new approach to Horror

His House (2020)
Director: Remi Weekes
Cast: Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu
Screenplay: Remi Weekes
Release Date: 27 January 2020
Platform: Netflix
فیلم his house Plot:

A refugee couple, Rial & Bol who managed to escape from a war-torn Sudan adjusts to live in an English Town when they were approved by the refugee camp. They have to go through lots of racism in a xenophobic society. Little did they know that there is an demon lurking in their house.

His House Netflix Review

His House is a very authentic approach to the horror genre. The story is fresh & nothing like others in this genre that we’ve seen. As in most ‘haunted house’ based horror films where couple moves to a new house and they realize it is haunted, this story is also same but the reason behind moving to one is so realistic. It is because since they escaped from Sudan they were in a refugee camp in an English country.

There are lot of terms under which they can move out to live in a town like normal people but under some conditions. Like they can’t work anywhere, they have to live on the few penny they will get & similar others- technically not considered as a citizen. Now imagine two people moving to a weird, old, dirty house where they have to stay indefinitely without any outside connection. They still can go out on the streets but the conditions that were put on their freedom will make you feel more alienated- hence, technically ‘no freedom’.  And how would you feel if you moved to a new neighbor where people neglect you, tell you “Go Back!” & every morning when you open your door, you see garbage in front of you. That is the price of being free of refugee- irony tight!

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The couples somehow manage to cope up with everyday negligence. As they spend their entire days in the old, dampy house old life begins to haunt them.  Bol begins to see his clan’s dead members in his house, strangling him, accusing him. Both deals with their horrors & regrets alone. As Rial misses her late daughter very soon she tells Bol that a demon made a deal with her to return their dead daughter for her husband’s blood.

His House Izle Performance:

The primary casts are Wunmi Mosaku, Sope Dirisu who covers the most part of the movie so lets talk about them only. Both did a  terrific job with the situation they were put into. A fascinating couple who are struggling to find what they want in life. Where Rial’s past regrets are tearing her apart & Bol trying to establish themselves as friendly, harmless being to the society.

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And since Sope Dirisu is in most of the scary scenes we get to enjoy a lot of him. His expressions were always on pont, sweating, eyes popping out of sockets in fear & doubt as he sees figures inside the walls. Wunmi is a intense performer as well. The emotional scenes where a mother’s sorrow of losing a child is explored, she did an amazing job. Certainly there’s more to these two characters apart from what we see initially. As the story unfolds you get to explore their personalities more.


His House Netflix Technical Aspects:

Remi Weekes is our director here, a first time director & he captured a very difficult kind of story. There’s not one bit where you will feel like you are losing grasp of the evil environment. He has established horror in the audience the minute the couples enter their new house & starts noticing the weirdness of it.

It is lot easy to put the audience in a horror story with loose story & a creepy looking CGI evil but Remi did a lot more than that. A good story combined with powerful visuals. If you’ve watched the trailer then you might have got idea about the color palette of the film- warm hues in dark backdrop. It is very eye catching when you see such color shades on dark sweating skins. It adds up to create a scary vibe to the viewers.

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I don’t like jump scares but stories having scary element throughout. Jump scare works when executed properly which this film has. There are some scenes where the music builds up & make the scenes predictable for an experienced audience but the scary elements shown are well justified. The scares work because how good the scene captured, how good the visuals are & the expressions that the actors wear. Good music acts as spice in such scenarios.

His House Verdict:

His House does its job. The camera work is so good & so is the acting and the visuals. A man who establishes that no matter what we have to stay in this house because they certainly cannot go back to the horrible home they escaped from. And a childless woman who can see her husband getting insane as he tries to justify their presence in a house where wallpaper is coming off & bugs eating the food. Running away from the past is not going to help them. It is a tragic interesting story where one tries to avoid the horrors of past & one tries to challenge it. And you won’t understand which is their illusion & which one is the actual evil in the house.his house cast, his house full movie, his house wiki, his house trailer, his house plot, his house review, his house imdb, his house explained

I won’t say that it is an entertaining movie because it isn’t. Its not Conjuring or Anabelle that will get you excited from the very start- it does have few parts that will bore you make your eyelids heavy. A lot of questions will arise while watching & the end might confuse you so much that you will have the urge to Google its explanation. It is an attempt to bring a new kind of story into the genre which I think worked well. If you can sit through it then you have seen a very authentic horror piece- exploring horror in a xenophobic society .




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