The True Story Behind The Snyder Cut Justice League

During production of Justice League (2017) and after it was released onĀ  different media said different things about Zack Snyder discontinuing the shoots. From Zack Snyder’s daughter’s untimely suicide to WB firing the director from production- it was a lot of surprises piling up for DC fans which finally burst horribly after seeing the finished version, directed by Joss Whedon. And since then internet protests break down #ReleaseSnyderCut & the rest is history. After years of rumours & leaks Zack Snyder’s version is finally releasing on HBO Max on 18th March,2021. So what actually happened? The Story Behind The Snyder Cut

Why it exists?

To know the reason lets go back to 2016 when Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice released & performed horribly in theatres. Justice League was said to be the third act of Snyder’s five part DC saga. Although Snyder got lot of creative freedom while Man of Steel (2013) & Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), his later movies saw interference of WB with their own demands. WB bosses wanted a lighter toning for Justice League & that it would be a standalone project rather than a two part deal. Ben Affleck told Entertainment Weekly, “This is more of the Batman you would find if you opened up your average Batman comic book.” The production & Snyder’s vision for the movie did not align.

Zack Snyder shoots

In 2017 fans were shocked that Snyder left WB for a family tradegy & now Joss Whedon is hired to complete it. The Avengers director who has this notable comedic touch. WB wanted a movie like that of MARVEL, a fun colorful superhero movie & Whedon prooved what works for Avengers might not work for DC as well. Said to be a join profect where directing credit was given to Snyder & Whedon got screenplay credit along with Chris Terrio. Reports came that said Snyder’s work was in jeopardy even before he officially quit. Ultimately the film became a product of two directors with different goals.

Real versionĀ  of Snyder

Variety told that the reshoot process was both expensive & extensive. The trailer, when launched, saw different scenes & the actual theatrical release had different scenes. Henry Cavill’s facial hair CGI alone was unexpected flaws that saw the light of destructive criticism from the audience. Many Cyborg scenes were missing in the original movie that was there in the trailer. The entire movie somehow gave a clarification as which scenes were original & which were products of reshoot. Justice League had the honor of being the lowest grossing film in DC Universe.


On 2019, Zack posted a image on VERO that clues that original Snyder’s cut exists somewhere with WB. The audience were so disheartened by the end result that a segment of DC fans became vocal online that started the protest. It was unavoidable because how horrible the theatrical release was & soon the casts like Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck & Ray Fisher posted #ReleaseSnyderCut that made it obvious about the existence of the real version. The Story Behind The Snyder Cut

Initially WB claimed that they have “No plans to release a Zack Snyder Cut”. As a result Snyder Cut movement continued to gain momentum in the following month. Lot of charity rose for spreading awareness for Snyder Cut existence & other half for American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in honor of Snyder’s late daughter. By the end of 2019 the movement had got pretty strong & casual audience were aware that something is gonna happen. It followed the casts speak out on Justice League with the hashtag.

The Dream is now Reality

After Cyborg actor Ray Fisher posted about the abusive conduct of Joss Whedon the Warnre media conducted a investigation into the director’s conduct. So after all these protests in 2019 when fans were sure that a whole different movie exists, the main question was whether or not WB will release Snyder’s version of Justice League; how much money would be required to complete it, & if it will be acceptable by the general public.

Snyder Cut scenes

In a live stream director’s commentary of MoS in 2020, Zack reunited with Henry Cavill to tell fans that Snyder Cut of Justice League will debut on HBO Max on 2021. It was unclear initially if it will be released in episode wise chapter or full cut film. In this film a lot to happen- from Superman black suit to Darkseid scenes. The trailer release got warm response from fans all over the world. The only thing now to see is if so much of fans struggle, fight & support will finally be fruitful. The Story Behind The Snyder Cut

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