SOUL 2020: A Heartwarming Story of Passion

Soul 2020 is the latest release of Walt Disney Pixar which is of comedy/family genre. Directed by Pete Docter this film got an IMDB rating of 8.2/10. Soul is available on Disney+ Hotstar.

Movie: Soul(2020)
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey
Director:  Pete Docter
Release Date: 25 December 2020
Box Office Collection 3.25 crores USD

Soul  Plot

The plot revolves around Joe Gardner, a middle school band teacher who is not happy with his life. His true passion is jazz and aspires to play in a gig someday. Soon he gets an offer to play in one. Excited he was on his way back home he met with an accident and find himself in a realm of soul referred as ‘The Great Beyond’. Now he have to find a way back to earth so that he can live his passion and hence, find out his true purpose in life.





Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey are the main voice actors of this film. Jamie Foxx played this lovely, humble character of Joe Gardner, who is searching the meaning of his life. And Tina Fey plays the character of 22 who’s like the only smartest soul in ‘The Great Beyond’ who has lived long enough there to realize that Earth is actually a dull place and he’s  not one of those fools. 22 had tried for many years to find his spark (passion) that is like a entry pass to earth. Anyway, Joe and 22 comes to earth, their bodies get mismatched and 22 living inside a body realizes that the earth though scary, is beautiful actually. Now he wants to find his own spark while in earth. There were some other hilarious characters played by Graham Norton, Rachel Diggs, Richard Ayode, Daveed Diggs and others.

Like most Disney Pixar movies the teeny tiny concepts of afterlife is so beautifully showed by  animation that will only make you feel cute while watching this movie. Although Jamie Foxx is the man behind Joe but this  character, his posture and the way he wears a hat with suit will surely remind you of Morgan Freeman; it did for me.

The story of realizing your passion, purpose in life is something that is common to most of us so yes, the concept of this story is very close to my heart.

You will get the question- I’ve achieved what I waited for my entire life. I’m happy. Now what?
And trust me in this new time, this movie deserved a wider theatre screen than sitting at home and watching on Hotstar. I mean more wider screen means more deeper the experience. If we can agree on this for a Marvel movie then why not for this?

This movie being beautifully made might not make you cry, but it will help you to remember that life is beautiful even when everything doesn’t go as planned. A life worth living for.





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