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The Conjuring 3 surpassed Quiet Place Part 2 to make it to the Top US Box Office over the weekend. The May release, Quiet Place 2 that was been doing extremely well for consecutive weeks in the US theatres saw challenge as The Conjuring: The devil made me do it that released this month. Warner Bros.’s latest release the Conjuring 3 earned an estimated $24 million. It is now the biggest R-rated opening of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the Quiet Place (2018) sequel has earned $19.5 million; it’s domestic total earning to $88.6 million. The head of domestic distribution for Warner Bros, Jeff Goldstein called it a terrific result. 

Vera Farmiga & Patrick Wilson returned as paranormal experts, Lorraine & Ed Warren in James Wan’s third installment of the Conjuring franchise & 8th in the universe that released on June 4. Michael Chaves’ directed movie is closely based on a true American incident & one of the popular cases of Warrens. The new Conjuring movie is doing unexpectedly well in the Box Office that has grossed over $57.1 million. Even in the pandemic, the new film has managed to the biggest horror franchise at the box office. The film is currently available on HBO max for free streaming. However, Warner Bros. did not report the number of views of “The Conjuring:The Devil Made Me Do It” on the platform.

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